Place for Animals is a creative collective and soon-to-be nonprofit formed to improve the lives of nonhuman animals. We generate original media (writing, film, and audio), and provide low-cost communication strategies and production services to animal-oriented organizations in support of their missions. Place for Animals calls upon a diverse collective of thinkers and creators in support of the organization’s work.

Future plans include funding a steady stream of creative projects geared towards helping animals. These projects can take many shapes, including film, art, literature, popular non-fiction, and academic essays. Additionally, Place for Animals plans to fund and take part in direct animal action, including disaster relief, companion animal fostering, and activist events. 

A long term goal defined by place for animals is to establish a working animal sanctuary. In addition to its fundamental purpose of serving rescued animals, the sanctuary site will serve as headquarters for the organization’s operations, as well as a site for noninvasive, welfare-oriented animal research.

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